Global Day of Listening to “live without wars”

March 20, 2011

March 19 – 21, depending upon where you are:

Afghanistan: 12:30 am 3/20 – 3:30 am 3/21  –  America: 3 pm 3/19 – 6 pm 3/20 (EST)  –  Iraq: 11 pm 3/19 – 2 am 3/20   –   see map for other times (pending)

Inspired by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, Afghans For Peace, the people of Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, and many other countries will be speaking on this

GLOBAL DAY of LISTENING to ‘live without wars’

Listen to the stories and messages as told by the Iraqi and Afghan people of what it is like to live now in these war-torn countries.  Anyone interested in talking with those gathered in Najaf and Baghdad, and to those in Kabul and Bamiyan Center may request a time to speak during this Day of Listening.  The website is coordinating this spring equinox “skype-athon.”

This Global Day of Listening is coordinated with the Afghan New Year’s Day “I wish to live without wars” three other actions taking place in Kabul.  The Peace Walk and Tree Planting activities take place on Saturday, March 19, the Global Day of Listening on Sunday the 20th, and the Candle Lighting on Monday the 21st – Afghanistan’s New Year’s Day.

You may listen the Global Day conversations any time via the internet broadcast; or through a conference call-in number, or through Skype (outside NorthAmerica)!  Reference the Details Page and request a time to speak via

The Purpose of the day-long teleconference is for LISTENING:

1. To the PEOPLE : to ordinary Iraqis, to ordinary internationals, including others from war-torn countries, and to world public opinion.

2. To the PAIN : expressed in grief, disappointment, and angry feeling.

3. To the ordinary people of Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, and 20 other countries – sharing what is going on in their countries.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq still fall to the back pages of all but a few newspapers.

* To request a time to speak or for more information:

Action taken for peace on New Year’s Day!

January 1, 2011    Kabul, Afghanistan

Today’s round-the-clock conversation warmed the spirits of many people around the globe.  Several thousand people talked, listened, facebooked, wrote, or tweeted as part of the “Dear Afghanistan, . . .” campaign.  Please help us keep the voice of the Afghan people in front of all civil hearts.

While the US may be the world’s single super power in military terms, it faces another super power: the voices of war-weary millions who detest violence and killing. In Afghanistan, in the United States, and among the populations of countries whose governments have joined the NATO coalition, millions of people are calling for an end to war in Afghanistan.

On New Year’s Day, 01/01/11, people around the world are invited to raise their voices, through Facebook, Twitter, Free Conference calls, Skype, and blogs at several websites in a massive refusal to accept this war any longer. Let your New Year’s resolution be to stand for the people and end wars by sending a digital or spoken peacemaking message to people in Afghanistan.  By amassing millions of messages calling for peace, we can create yet another indication that ordinary people within and beyond Afghanistan have had enough of war.

Afghanistan’s people need food not bombs, health care not warfare and courage for peace, not war.  In the words of Abdulai, an Afghan teenager whose father was killed by the Taliban, the “Dear Afghanistan” campaign offers an alternative to the Obama administration’s most recent review of the war. Abdulai’s experiences of impoverishment, bereavement, and discrimination highlight realities that Afghans face every day. The U.S. government’s December review paid no attention to these conditions.

You can let Afghan people know that their lives matter as much as yours.  Assure them that the U.S. government’s war is unacceptable to you and that you are working to end it.

We can catch courage from one another, sparking a New Year’s momentum to put an end to war.

Follow the steps below to communicate the simple yet crucial demand:  Stop the Killing in Afghanistan.

On New Year’s Day 2011, from 7.05 pm Eastern Standard Time on the 31st of December 2010 to 7.05 pm Eastern Standard Time on the 1st of January 2011, from wherever in the world, you can:

  • Call from your Mobile or Home phone by dialing (661) 673-8600 & access code: 295191#. Please arrange to talk by sending an email to (now ……[details]
  • SKYPE: Please arrange to call Afghanistan by sending your Skype ID in an email to (now ……. [more details]
  • Send an email message to
  • Text or sms by mobile at +93 7791 84146 or +1 727-248-0308 (001-727-248-0308 if text messaging from outside U.S.)
  • Facebook: Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
  • @DearAfghanistan on Twitter

A note on timings for the NEW YEAR CALL :

Place                From                                 To
London          12.05 am, Jan 1st              12.05 am, Jan 2nd
Eastern Std     7.05 pm, Dec 31st             7.05 pm, Jan 1st
Pacific Std       4.05 pm, Dec 31st             4.05 pm, Jan 1st
Jordan             2.05 am, Jan 1st                2.05 am, Jan 2nd
Afghanistan     4.35 am, Jan 1st                4.35 am, Jan 2nd

Global Day of Listening to Afghans


Inspired by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Afghans For Peace this GLOBAL DAY of LISTENING will allow everyone to listen to the stories told by the Afghan People of what it is like to live now in Afghanistan.  Anyone interested in talking with those gathered in Kabul and Bamiyan may now request a time to speak during this Day of Listening.  You may listen at any time via conference call-in or Skype!  Reference the Details Page and request a time to speak through email.*

The Purpose of the day-long teleconference is for LISTENING:

1. To the PEOPLE : to ordinary Afghans, to ordinary internationals, including others from war-torn countries, and to world public opinion.

2. To the PAIN (anger, grief, disappointment) of the people :

– the world public whose opinion is swinging against the Afghan War

– read the Open Letter to our World Leaders,

– and We Want You Out – you may sign the petition here.

– the pro-war people who have their concerns, with the understanding that most Afghans are now anti-war.

3. To The People’s Afghanistan December Review

The Afghan people know the expected military outcome of the Obama administration’s
Afghanistan December Review.  Afghans want those willing to LISTEN to hear the Afghan People’s Review.

* To request a time to speak or for more information email:

All times are for Afghanistan : See time-table for conversions

All times are yet subject to change – Please check back periodically.

Voices from war-torn lands join their call for peace

Two Iraq War vets and an Iraqi refugee will begin The People’s Journey on June 2, 2010 from San Francisco.  They will speak to groups about their experiences each day as they travel across the US and will be joined by three women from Palestine two weeks later in Washington DC.  The group of six then travel to all speak in New York City, then in Detroit at the US Social Forum, reaching the Pacific Northwest by the fourth of July.   Their messages is positive about the possibility of peace, and does not point a finger at a set of “wrong-doers.”

Josh Stieber, Conor Curran, and Salam Talib, two Iraq War veterans and their Iraqi refugee friend respectively, have joined forces to spread a message of peace.  For them “The People’s Journey,” forms a continuation of a trek Stieber completed last year which he called the “Contagious Love Experiment.” Stieber and Curran, who joined Josh in the middle of that first cross-country trip, met Talib during their final stop, in the San Francisco Bay area where they became  friends.

The People’s Journey was conceived by an inspiring group of youth from Afghanistan as a result of their conversations with Josh and other young people in Afghanistan, the US, Israel/Palestine and Iraq.  It became very clear that when people truly listen to one another that they want to hear more and soon get to know each other.  This direct communication – hearing each others voices, their stories of life during war, and everyone’s yearning for peace – led to a level of caring, or love, that will no longer allow for harm.   The People’s Journey to a Peace Beyond Dismissal is posted here and is available to all who attend the tour presentations.
The tour route and dates is here:

The Journey’s Path

The People’s Journey – Part I

Beginning June 2, 2010 in San Francisco, CA

6-8 pm  Sacramento St. Co-Housing Community, 2220 Sacramento St. @ Allston Berkeley, CA 94702

Los Angeles, CA  6/3

7 pm  Iman Center on 3376 Motor Ave., 90034. Talk is followed by Q&A.

San Diego, CA  6/4-5

– 4th 7 to 9 pm  Casa Blanca Clubhouse located at 9404 Twin Trails Drive, San Diego.

Phoenix, AZ 6/6

Albuquerque, NM  6/7

7 pm  Albuquerque Peace and Justice Center, 202 Harvard Drive SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Oklahoma City, OK 6/8

6:30 pm  Mayflower UCC, OKC 3901 Northwest 63rd Street

Little Rock, AR  6/9

6 pm  Village Commons Little Rock, 1423-C South Main St

Asheville, NC  6/10-12

– 12th 6:30 pm  Simpson Lecture Room, AB Technical College (event poster: view or download)

North Carolina  6/13,14

– 13th 7:30 pm  Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 4907 Garrett Road, Durham, NC.  (event poster: view or download)

– 14th 1:00 pm Carol Woods Retirement Community, Assembly Hall 750 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC  (event poster: view or download)

– 14th 7:00 pm Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh 3313 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC.  (event poster: view or download)

Washington D.C.  6/15

5:30-6:30 pm Potluck at 9510 Hale St. Forest Glen, MD (event poster: view or download)

7:30-9:30pm Busboys and Poets (5th and K) (event poster: view or download)

Baltimore, MD 6/16

7 pm  Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, 2640 Paul St., Baltimore, MD (event poster: view or download)

Philadelphia, PA  6/17

7 pm  Project H.O.M.E. 1515 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  (event poster: view or download)

New York City, NY  6/18-19

-18th  6:30 pm   St. Mary’s Church  521 W 126th St. New York, NY 10027 (event poster: view or download)

-19th  1 pm  The Cup Cafe, 388 Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, NY  (event poster: view or download)

Pittsburg, PA  6/20

7 pm  1804 El Paso Street  Pittsburgh, PA

Cleveland, OH  6/21

West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, 20401 Hilliard Blvd.,  Rocky River  OH (event poster: view or download)

Detroit, MI  6/22-25

US Social Forum

Chicago, IL  6/26

6:30 pm Wellington Ave UCC, 615 W. Wellington Ave, Chicago (event poster:  download)

Omaha, NE  6/27

6 pm   First United Methodist Church, 7020 Cass St, Omaha, NE (event poster: view or download)

Denver, CO  6/28

7 pm  First Unitarian Church of Denver, 1400 Lafayette Street
Denver, CO (event poster: view or download)

Boise, ID  6/30

6-8 pm  Shangri La Tea House, 1800 W Overland Rd.  Boise, ID (event poster: view or download)

Portland, OR  7/1

6:30 pm First Unitarian Church, Portland OR  (event poster: view or download)

Seabeck, WA 7/3

8:30 pm  FOR Seabeck Conference, Seabeck, WA (event poster: view or download)

Olympia, WA 7/5

8:30 pm Traditions Fair Trade & Cafe 300 5th Ave SW, Olympia, WA  (event poster: view or download)