Global Day of Listening to “live without wars”

March 20, 2011

March 19 – 21, depending upon where you are:

Afghanistan: 12:30 am 3/20 – 3:30 am 3/21  –  America: 3 pm 3/19 – 6 pm 3/20 (EST)  –  Iraq: 11 pm 3/19 – 2 am 3/20   –   see map for other times (pending)

Inspired by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, Afghans For Peace, the people of Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, and many other countries will be speaking on this

GLOBAL DAY of LISTENING to ‘live without wars’

Listen to the stories and messages as told by the Iraqi and Afghan people of what it is like to live now in these war-torn countries.  Anyone interested in talking with those gathered in Najaf and Baghdad, and to those in Kabul and Bamiyan Center may request a time to speak during this Day of Listening.  The website is coordinating this spring equinox “skype-athon.”

This Global Day of Listening is coordinated with the Afghan New Year’s Day “I wish to live without wars” three other actions taking place in Kabul.  The Peace Walk and Tree Planting activities take place on Saturday, March 19, the Global Day of Listening on Sunday the 20th, and the Candle Lighting on Monday the 21st – Afghanistan’s New Year’s Day.

You may listen the Global Day conversations any time via the internet broadcast; or through a conference call-in number, or through Skype (outside NorthAmerica)!  Reference the Details Page and request a time to speak via

The Purpose of the day-long teleconference is for LISTENING:

1. To the PEOPLE : to ordinary Iraqis, to ordinary internationals, including others from war-torn countries, and to world public opinion.

2. To the PAIN : expressed in grief, disappointment, and angry feeling.

3. To the ordinary people of Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, and 20 other countries – sharing what is going on in their countries.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq still fall to the back pages of all but a few newspapers.

* To request a time to speak or for more information: