Voices from war-torn lands join their call for peace

Two Iraq War vets and an Iraqi refugee will begin The People’s Journey on June 2, 2010 from San Francisco.  They will speak to groups about their experiences each day as they travel across the US and will be joined by three women from Palestine two weeks later in Washington DC.  The group of six then travel to all speak in New York City, then in Detroit at the US Social Forum, reaching the Pacific Northwest by the fourth of July.   Their messages is positive about the possibility of peace, and does not point a finger at a set of “wrong-doers.”

Josh Stieber, Conor Curran, and Salam Talib, two Iraq War veterans and their Iraqi refugee friend respectively, have joined forces to spread a message of peace.  For them “The People’s Journey,” forms a continuation of a trek Stieber completed last year which he called the “Contagious Love Experiment.” Stieber and Curran, who joined Josh in the middle of that first cross-country trip, met Talib during their final stop, in the San Francisco Bay area where they became  friends.

The People’s Journey was conceived by an inspiring group of youth from Afghanistan as a result of their conversations with Josh and other young people in Afghanistan, the US, Israel/Palestine and Iraq.  It became very clear that when people truly listen to one another that they want to hear more and soon get to know each other.  This direct communication – hearing each others voices, their stories of life during war, and everyone’s yearning for peace – led to a level of caring, or love, that will no longer allow for harm.   The People’s Journey to a Peace Beyond Dismissal is posted here and is available to all who attend the tour presentations.
The tour route and dates is here:

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