How to call in your Dear Afghanistan message

Speaking to erase the silence

In North America call 661-673-8600 (access code 295191#) and you may listen in.

Outside of North America use the same number if you have a service you want to use, or send your request to talk via Skype with your Skype ID to

When you call this conference number you will hear others talking.  Please keep your phone muted.  Every few minutes the moderator will ask, “who would like to be added on the list to speak?”  Pause a moment for those who’ve been listening longer (un-mute: press *6) state your first name and you will be added to the list.

The moderator will announce who the next few speakers will be.

You will hear voices from all over the world.

Afghans would like to hear your voice, so do send your request to:

Many are preparing a message for the people of Afghanistan and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.  Request a specific time that works for you in your email to  You can be listed to speak on a first-come first-served basis according to the Call Schedule.  In a day’s time you will see your first name or your group’s name posted on the call schedule.  Keep your spoken message brief so that many others will be able to partipipate.  Your written material can be sent directly to

Skype Callers: International callers (outside of North America). You will also be requesting a time to speak.  Please review the Call Schedule and send us an email with your Skype name.

Organizers are planning to offer a Live internet broadcast: CLICK HERE

Check back periodically to verify that this service will be available.