The People’s Journey to a Peace Beyond Dismissal

Love is how we’ll ask for peace!

In the non-violent spirit of the Gandhi Salt March, we ordinary people from Afghanistan, Israel / Palestine Iraq and America will tour to:

1.   Raise the People’s Voice of Peace

The everyday concerns of the people have been silenced.

We the people have borne enough, so we will unequivocally raise our Voice of Peace, knowing that this Voice is the thunder of conscience that everyone yearns to hear.

We cry : Listen to the People Again!

2.   Educate to lift up the People’s Voice for Peace

We seek to make common the widespread human stories of war and make known the possibility for reconciliation.

We will strengthen our belief in the worth and dignity of each human being by talking with one another.  Through our creative inquiry we can experience the breadth of human empathy.

We cry : Think about the People Again!

3.   Reconcile through the People’s Voice to a lasting Peace

Peacemakers build wide-scale conciliatory relations for an inter-dependant global community and work towards ending wars and occupations.

All over the world people will stand together in our streets and valleys on the International Day of Peace, the 21st of September 2010, to express the love and joy of the global community.

Create an independent international group of peace representatives dedicated to bringing an end to wars through a 2010 People’s Resolution of Peace that cannot be dismissed.

We cry : Love the People Again!

You may join in the journey with us . . .

The People’s Journey to a Peace Beyond Dismissal

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